On-line Help Menu

On-line Help Menu Richard Lam  2019-07-29

Is there any documentation of on-line help menu for Skyline, e.g. a description of what the setting(s) are?



Nick Shulman responded:  2019-07-30
I do not think that we have anything like that.

If you hover the mouse over the text boxes in the Settings dialogs, there is usually a tooltip which explains what the setting is for.

The tutorials are always a great place to start learning about Skyline:

We are always happy to answer questions on Skyline. If you have any specific questions about Skyline settings we can answer them on the support board, and the answer is likely to show up in someone's Google search results in the future.

It might be a good idea for us to create a project on wikibooks which is a user manual for Skyline. I have created a page to start us out:

-- Nick