SKyline UI and Skyline runner dependent on each other?

SKyline UI and Skyline runner dependent on each other? shridevi patil  2019-07-23
Hello Skyline Team,

I need your help to understand behavior of Skyline UI instance and Skyline runner(command runner).
Use case is, I have a Test application which I would like to add to Tools menu in Skyline UI as external tool.

Now once I launch Test application from tool Menu, the Skyline UI instance is still running.
In my application, is an input accepted as command parameter from Skyline UI. That is the only input Test applications gets it from Skyline UI instance.
During execution Test application takes care of requesting data acquisition on MS system. Now once the raw data is ready Skyline runner(command runner) is invoked through the code to refine the raw data. (say during RT mode, CE mode and then to arrive at optimized method).

So **should Skyline UI instance be running till the Test application terminates? ** ( I am not using UI anyways after launching Test application).

Is there any dependency to keep Skyline UI instance running. Does Command runner needs it?

I did try closing the SKYLINE UI, and relaunching but previously running Test application will not be able to respond to SKYLINE(in case if I make it Interactive external tool) But in external tool is there any dependency between Skyline UI instance and command runner.?

I could not get much form documents(pdfs) So please help me understand it.

Thank you in advance. :-)

Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-07-24
If it is not an interactive tool, then the instance that started your tool should no longer be necessary. Your tool using SkylineRunner.exe or SkylineCmd.exe will start up an entirely new instance of Skyline with its own process space. Unless your tool becomes an interactive tool, it will not interact directly with the original running Skyline process. Nor will that running process detect changes on disk to the .sky file. So, if you use SkylineRunner.exe or SkylineCmd.exe to change the .sky file on disk for the document which is open in the original Skyline instance, that instance will never notice or update to reflect the new changes.

Hope this helps to clarify what you should expect. Good luck with extending Skyline to meet your need.

shridevi patil responded:  2019-07-24
Yes, thank you so much. I do make changes to .sky file using skyline runner.exe .
This is very helpful to me. I am not making it interactive tool anymore now so it should work in my case.
Thank you.