S3 - Introduction to Skyline

2022-10 Skyline Online


The course schedule will address a range of targeted techniques using selected reaction monitoring (SRM) and parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) mass spectrometry approaches for targeted quantitative proteomics. Session topics will include an introduction to mass spectrometry and proteomics, system suitability, absolute quantification, differential abundance testing, and, of course, learning to use Skyline software more effectively in your research. The instructor list includes researchers from both academia and industry with a wealth of combined experience in targeted and quantitative proteomics and using Skyline to meet the needs of diverse research questions.

Instructors: Lindsay Pino, Stoyan Stoychev, Nick Riley, Roman Sakson, Lillian Heil


Day 1 - Monday, October 17, 2022 
9am - 5:00 pm (All times EST)

  • Introduction to targeted proteomics in Skyline
  • The Skyline software ecosystem
  • Targeted MS/MS (PRM)
  • Absolute quantification and calibration curves

Day 2 - Tuesday, October 18, 2022 
9am - 5:00 pm (All times EST)

  • Manual data analysis
  • Using indexed retention time (iRT)
  • Grouped study data processing in Skyline
  • Using Panorama and AutoQC