Benjamin Orsburn   Benjamin Orsburn Ph.D., received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech and did postdoctoral work at Johns Hopkins and the NIH before spending the majority of his career as a proteomics scientists for Thermo. In 2019 he received a contract to design and oversee the construction and validation of two cannabis testing labs, in MD and CA, respectively. This spring he joined the faculty at the Johns Hopkins Medical School.

Skyline - A Comprehensive Package for Cannabis Testing labs

Recent changes in the laws regarding Cannabis in North America has created a profitable new market for agriculture and small batch production facilities. Due to the lack of federal oversight in the US, state and local municipalities are currently responsible for determining safety testing and product characterization requirements and these vary wildly across the country. These factors have combined to create an entirely new market for small mass spectrometry labs across the country. Read More
Varying lists of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents from extraction processes and active components such as cannabinoids must be accurately monitored to protect consumers. Other endogenous compounds such as terpenes are now being monitored to meet consumer preferences. We demonstrate how the Skyline software can be utilized as a near solution for both the testing and quality control monitoring for Cannabis testing labs.