Webinar 9

Dear Skyline Users,

The Skyline Team is very excited to announce our next webinar in the Skyline Tutorial Webinar series:

Webinar #9: PRM for PTM Studies with Skyline

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When: Tuesday, July 21, 8am (Pacific Time)
*Note: this month, we will only have one morning session.
- plan for 1 hour presentation + 1/2 hour Q&A
  • Advantages of high resolution PRM for selectivity and site localization
  • Skyline secrets for getting PTM-centric documents
  • Evaluation of PRM results using the full range of Skyline capabilities

This webinar will include a brief introduction from Brendan MacLean, Skyline Principal Developer, and a topic introduction and tutorial from Jacob Jaffe, proteomics researcher at the Broad Institute.

Join us, learn and help us to better meet your targeted proteomics research needs.

--Skyline Team


Brendan MacLean
(Principal Developer)

Jacob Jaffe
(Proteomics Researcher)

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See video, presentation slides, and other files presented at the webinar.