Webinar 8

Dear Skyline Users,

We are very excited to announce our next webinar in the series to help you make the most of what Skyline has to offer:

Webinar #8: DDA to Targeted: Differential Statistics with Skyline

[registration closed]

When: Tuesday, June 16th, 8am or 4pm (Pacific Time)
- plan for 1 hour presentation + 1/2 hour Q&A
- same content both sessions
  • Starting with 30,000 DDA peptide IDs
  • Using Skyline group comparisons to find abundance differences
  • Refining your list to begin targeted validation

Join us, learn and help us to better meet your targeted proteomics research needs.

--Skyline Team


Brendan MacLean (Principal Developer)

Review Webinar 7

iRT Retention Time Prediction
See video, presentation slides, and other files presented at the webinar.