Questions and Answers

Webinar 11

Dear Skyline Users,

Our eleventh Skyline Tutorial Webinar took on topic of Panorama Public and Panorama AutoQC and had questions during the Q&A portion - here are the answers:

Q: Is it possible to use regex to watch QC runs in a folder?

Ans: Not in the current version. But it will be available in the next release.

Q: Can AutoQC be run for metabolite QC - small molecules?

Ans: Since AutoQC, under the hood, relies on Skyline to import raw files into the document it will be able to import small molecule data. However, Panorama does not yet fully support small molecule data contained in Skyline documents, so you will not be able to view those results in Panorama. But, once small molecule support has been completed in Panorama it will be possible to use the Panorama QC workflow for small molecules as well.

Q:Does AutoQC supports monitoring/importing multi-sample wiff files from Sciex instruments?

Ans:Since AutoQC delegates to Skyline to import raw files, it should support importing multi-sample wiff files. This has not yet been tested, though.

Q: Is the panorama DB scheme available?

Ans:Panorama is part of LabKey Server, which is an open-source biomedical data management platform. You can get the source code here: and look at the schema SQL. A graphical database design can be made available upon request. If you have your own Panorama server or are an administrator of a project on PanoramaWeb, you can explore the schema in a web-browser through the schema browser interface - accessible via the Admin > Developer Links > Schema Browser menu. Select "targetedms" from the list of available schemas to look at the tables in the Panorama database.

Q:Will AutoQC become part of chorus?

Ans: There are no plans currently to build Chorus support in AutoQC. We expect that AutoQC will mostly be used on instrument computers before the raw files are uploaded to Chorus.