Webinar 2

Dear Skyline Users,

The Skyline Team would like to thank over 300 people that attended the first Skyline Tutorial Webinar on "Getting the Most Out of DDA Data with Skyline" last Tuesday. You definitely made it worth the effort, with two lively sessions and very positive feedback.

For anyone who would like to review what was presented, the
Webinar #1 materials and video are now posted online.

We are excited to announce the second webinar in this series.

Webinar #2: Jump Start DIA Analysis with DDA Data in Skyline

[registration closed]

When:  Tuesday, November 18th, 8am or 4pm (Pacific Time)
- plan for 1 hour presentation + 1/2 hour Q&A
- same content both sessions
  • Using DDA and DIA data from a single instrument for targeted DIA analysis
  • Designing and exporting Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) methods
  • Analyzing DIA data

This webinar will include an introduction from Brendan MacLean and a tutorial taught by Jarrett Egertson, Skyline contributor and DIA researcher for the past 5 years.

Join us, learn and help us to better meet your targeted proteomics research needs.

--Skyline Team


Brendan MacLean (Principal Developer)

Jarrett Egertson (Contributor - DIA)