Nikunj Tanna   Nikunj Tanna is a Senior Scientist in the scientific operations group at Waters Corporation. His work focuses on complete workflow solutions for quantitation of small and large molecules using tandem quadrupole and HRMS platforms. Tanna is part of the small molecule discovery and biomedical research team, looking at driving LC–MS based solutions in early drug discovery. In his previous role at Berg LLC, Tanna led a clinical diagnostics team focused on providing PK support for the small molecule drug candidates and performing analytical and clinical validation, and routine analysis for the company’s protein based prostate cancer biomarker panel.

MassLynx Skyline Interface - Enabling automated MRM method development for targeted proteomics and peptide bioanalysis workflows.

Protein therapeutics and biomarkers are increasingly becoming commonplace in laboratories traditionally performing small molecule LC-MS assays. Developing MRM methods for peptides v/s small molecules has some fundamental differences and often requires retraining of personnel. Skyline has been the informatics platform of choice within the proteomics world, and lends itself perfectly to aid and guide MRM method development for TQ assays. MassLynx Skyline interface is an informatics tool which integrates, simplifies and automates the TQ MRM method development process, ensuring systematic, consistent and robust method development across all user levels.