Virag Sagi-Kiss   Virag Sagi-Kiss Ph.D., is a postdoc at Imperial College London working on developing and applying targeted profiling methods for discovering molecular pathways underlying healthy ageing. She has a degree in analytical chemistry and several years of experience developing targeted LC-MS methods for small molecules in various biological matrices related to human and animal studies.

Rapid Sample Preprocessing of Large Number of Targeted Metabolites with Skyline

Widely targeted metabolomics combines the advantage of the specificity of MRM-retention time identification while not limiting the analytes to a certain biological pathway or a chemical class of metabolites. We have developed methods covering amino acids, organic acids, nucleotides, phosphorylated compounds, amines, polyamines and other small polar molecules. Each method typically has 100-300 small molecules, with 1-3 ion transitions for each molecule resulting in a dataset that is not practical to visualize and manually process with vendor software. We use a workflow in Skyline that allows us to speed up the data pre-processing steps: adjust retention time windows, filter contamination present in blanks, monitor retention time drifts, evaluate stability of Quality Control (QC) samples, evaluate the linearity of analytes via dilution curve of QC and aid extracting data for close eluting isobaric compounds.