Topograph is a Windows application designed to analyze data in protein turnover experiments.

Protein turnover experiments involve modifying an organism's diet to include a heavy isotope labeled amino acid, and then measuring the rate at which the label appears in peptides.

Topograph has also been used in protein quantification experiments, because Topograph does report chromatographic areas.  Topograph also performs retention time alignment based on the location of MS2 peptide identifications, to enable finding peptides in samples which do not have an MS2 ID for that particular peptide.

Installing (Topograph version 2)

Topograph install page

Topograph Daily Build (Future version of Topograph)

The Topograph Daily build is released more frequently than the official Topograph V2 release.  As bugs are fixed in the daily build, results calculated by Topograph might be affected.  Currently, the Topograph daily build is not able to open workspaces created with Topograph V2 and Topograph V2 cannot open Topograph Daily workspaces.

Topograph Daily Build install page

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