Issue 787: Custom graph background colors - or maybe just Dark Mode - for Skyline

Assigned To:Brian Pratt
Opened:2021-04-07 by Brian Pratt
Changed:2021-04-07 by Brian Pratt
2021-04-07 Brian Pratt
Title»Custom graph background colors - or maybe just Dark Mode - for Skyline
Assigned To»Brian Pratt
From a support request and email thread:

On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 1:01 PM Brendan MacLean <> wrote:
We do have customizable colors, which seems like the best place to merge this into. Though, it could also go into the Properties forms for various graphs, which is where we store the font sizes. This does seem like it would require a light font and axis color to work. So, maybe we just want to make it a "Dark Mode" checkbox somewhere.

On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 12:53 PM Brian Pratt <> wrote:
Kids these days with their Dark Mode... have we done any work in this direction? I seem to recall Nick doing something related.

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jdevitt (Signup) created a new request    2021-04-07
I am using the Skyline version 64-bit I was wondering if in the future an option could be added to change the background color of the Skyline chromatography profile and peak area/retention time graphs from white to another color, especially a black or gray option. When I use Skyline for hours at a time it would be nice to have a background color that is a little less harsh on the eyes. Not urgent, just something that would be nice to have!


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