Feature Request: Background Colors

Feature Request: Background Colors jdevitt  2021-04-07

I am using the Skyline version 64-bit I was wondering if in the future an option could be added to change the background color of the Skyline chromatography profile and peak area/retention time graphs from white to another color, especially a black or gray option. When I use Skyline for hours at a time it would be nice to have a background color that is a little less harsh on the eyes. Not urgent, just something that would be nice to have!


Brian Pratt responded:  2021-04-07

Hi Julianna,

That's a good idea - perhaps I can have one of our summer interns implement it.

Would just a "Dark Mode" button suffice? So the Targets window goes to a black background along with all the various graphs?


Brian Pratt

jdevitt responded:  2021-04-08

Hi Brian,

I think a Dark Mode button would be great!



lpino responded:  2021-08-03


I also want a dark mode!