Issue 640: Unable to process chromatograms for the molecule

Opened:2019-03-02 by norelle wildburger
Changed:2019-03-26 by Brendan MacLean
Resolved:2019-03-26 by Brendan MacLean
Duplicate: 629
2019-03-02 norelle wildburger
Title»Unable to process chromatograms for the molecule
Assigned ToGuest»Nick Shulman
Trying to import Thermoe DDA data into skyline and then insert a peptide list with peptides from that search (I'm doing no enzyme searches so this is my workaround). I am getting the error below (same as Blaine Roberts). I removed the peptide listed below and tired again but another peptide becomes the problem.

At 5:15 PM:
Failed importing results file 'F:\Abeta_MS\2018\2Feb2019_Aim.2oofCAF-CSF_PilotGrant\64288_LP-9-5-08_Inj1.raw'.
Unable to process chromatograms for the molecule 'DAEFRHDSGYEVHHQKLVFFAEDVGSNKGAIIGLM[+16]VG' because one chromatogram ends at time '29.4675998687744' and the other ends at time '28.4465007781982'.

How do I change the document so that I can extract chromatograms?
This is a showstopper, with a upcoming grant renewal on the horizon next month).

2019-03-26 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToNick Shulman»
Notify»Nick Shulman;Brendan MacLean
Matt, can you have a look at this one. It sounds very dire with the grant proposal depending on a fix or workaround. Though it was posted over 3 weeks ago, proving that it is always best to start on the support board, since the issues list starts out only emailing the person you assign the issue to, and if they don't get right on it, the issue can get somewhat lost, like this.

2019-03-26 Brendan MacLean
resolve as Duplicate of 629
But I see this is a duplicate request of 629. So, I am going to resolve this and assign that bug to you, Matt. Though, it may be a good idea to get both sets of files for testing.