Issue 616: Request for instrument serial numbers as data file attribute in Skyline reports

Assigned To:Brendan MacLean
Opened:2018-12-21 by Brendan MacLean
Changed:2019-05-10 by matt.chambers42
2018-12-21 Brendan MacLean
Title»Request for instrument serial numbers as data file attribute in Skyline reports
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Notify»Nick Shulman;matthew.r.russell
Instrument serial numbers from data files have been requested several times. It is clear our users would like some sort of instrument identification for data files.

Matt has said that it is not possible to get this from all data files, but I still think we should start down this road. Let's support this in what files we can and start pushing instrument vendors to get this into more files and give us access.

2019-05-10 matt.chambers42
Assigned»Brendan MacLean
Instrument serial numbers are now available in MSDataFileImpl (when they are present in the raw data) for AB/Sciex WIFF, Agilent MassHunter, Bruker BAF/TDF, and Thermo RAW.

Shimadzu LCD, Sciex WIFF2, Waters RAW, and Waters UNIFI do not appear to store serial number in the raw data (just like Waters RAW doesn't store the exact instrument model used!). I might be wrong about WIFF2, but the few test files I have only give a blank value for serial number.

Brendan, I'm reassigning to you for triage to get the values to Panorama. I will contact Shimadzu, Waters, and Sciex about getting serial numbers (or at least some unique value for the instrument).