instrument serial number in report

instrument serial number in report matthew.r.russell  2018-07-10
I am putting together a QC system based on reports produced by skyline for multiple Sciex 6600 instruments. I would like to be able to include an instrument identifier, such as the serial number, in the report so that I can process data files from multiple instruments through skyline simultaneously and identify the instrument of origin in subsequent analysis.

I can’t find such an identifier in the report editor window, I expected it to be grouped under ‘Replicates/Files’. Is it possible to include such an instrument identifier in a report in a way I haven’t found? If it isn’t, please could this feature be added?
matthew.r.russell responded:  2018-11-02
Please can I give this a bump.

We have multiple Sciex 6600 QTOF instruments running DIA experiments and it would be really useful to be able to have the instrument on which data was aquired propogate through to the skyline report.

Is there any what that could be acomplished with the present release of skyline. If not please could this be treated as a feature request.