Zooming not working properly

Zooming not working properly Tomas Vaisar  2014-02-19 08:32
Hi Brendan,
 have noticed that the zooming using mouse stops working after awhile especially with larger data (big DIA files or many SRM files) loaded in the Skyline. Initially after opening the Skyline project it works fine, but at some point Skyline stops responding to the mouse zooming. Going to the menus and applying zoom through menu options still works. This is not related to the current release as I have been noticing it for some time. I guess I got to the point I should mention it. Perhaps the problem is with my computer/mouse.

matthew murphy responded:  2024-01-05 09:30
Hello, I wanted to follow up with this. I am having the same issue in the 2023 releases. Were you able to resolve the issue?

Tomas Vaisar responded:  2024-01-05 09:52
It has been a long time, but I think that if you reset the zoom (Undo All zoom/pan or Un-zoom), it starts working again.

matthew murphy responded:  2024-01-05 11:14
Thanks Thomas! I will give it a try next time it pops up.