Building libraries with Koina causes error

Building libraries with Koina causes error msylvest  2024-05-21 05:32
Dear Skyline team,

I was excited to see the additional prediction options that come with Koina. Unfortunately, any attempt to build a library fails (error response attached).
I tried most combinations of intensity and iRT models, with and without iRTs. The server is "online". I had no problems with all previous builds using Prosit (even though I have some peptides with mods unknown to Prosit).

Matt Chambers responded:  2024-05-21 09:31
Hi Marc,

Thanks for trying the new Koina implementation. Can you share your Skyline document so I can try to reproduce that issue? I haven't seen that error and it looks like it's happening on the Koina server.
rj8 responded:  2024-05-21 15:26
I think I get the same error.
Matt Chambers responded:  2024-05-21 16:34
We'll have a fix soon. Thanks for the reports.
msylvest responded:  2024-05-22 00:03
Hi Matt,

thanks for the update. Just in case it's still useful I attached the Skyline document (without results)
Matt Chambers responded:  2024-05-24 10:22
This will be fixed in the next daily. Alternately you can get a bleeding edge build of from:
You'll find Skyline-daily.exe inside the zip file which you can run directly. (It's not an official Skyline-daily though).