Report problems

Report problems jean-christophe prost  2024-04-17 08:41

Dear Skyline,

Since we are using skyline we always had a bit problems with our reports. Mostly after each update we lost them and had to reimport them.
After Brendan's mail on April 1st, I decided to update again all computer with skyline, after almost 2 years.
Unfortunately a colleague using skyline and a specific template lost her template. gain
She was not able to import it. I tested it on a new Instrument acquiring PC we have since 5 month, where I installed AutoQC for Panorama.
This PC never saw any inhouse template we saved. I tried to import the specific report of my colleague.
As shown in the word file, I could import something, but during import the report name changed ("Report_Template_QQQ_Skyline.skyr" to "Report_JC.skyr") and the imported report did not corresponded anymore of what she paste normally in excel. she could not use this imported report.
I did one other test on my computer. I was able to import one of my templates, but unfortunately stays light-grey, and I am not able to use it.

How could we fix these issues?
Thank you in advance for your support and wish a nice day.

Kind regards

Nick Shulman responded:  2024-04-17 08:58
The gray reports in the "Manage Reports" dialog are reports where the UI Mode does not match your document. That is, the report is designed for small molecules and you have a proteomics document or vice-versa.

If you want to be able to use all of the small molecule and proteomics reports then you should use the menu item "View > User Interface > Mixed".

Skyline 23.1 hides reports from the "File > Export > Report" dialog that don't match the mode of your document. These mismatched reports have been hidden in the Document Grid for a long time, but 23.1 was the first version to hide them from the Export Report dialog.

The file name of the .skyr file is not necessarily the same as the name of the report that it contains. A .skyr file is allowed to contain multiple report definitions so there is no requirement that the name of the report match the name of the file.

The report definitions are saved in a file called "user.config" somewhere deep under the "AppData/Local" folder in your home directory.
Skyline-daily will tell you where that file is if you go to "Tools > Options > Miscellaneous".
Skyline 23.1 does not give you an easy way to figure out where that file is.

If you have a report that is important to your dataset, we recommend that you go to:
Settings > Document Settings > Reports
and check the checkbox next to the report.

When you do this, the report template will be included in the document so that if you give the document to someone else (using the "File > Share" menu item to create a .zip file containing the Skyline document and supporting files), the report template from the document will replace their own remembered report template.

By the way, if you send me one of your old Excel files I might be able to help you create a report template that works.
-- Nick
jean-christophe prost responded:  2024-04-18 06:02
Dear Nick,

Thank you so much, your feedback was really helpfull. We could solve our problems.
There was a question of Mode we used.

We normally only work with small molecules, but I have the feeling, since we are using in our reports also peptides stuff, without mix mode we were not able to import correctly our reports.

I send you now anyway one of our excel file based on a report we set. My question is, would it be possible to generate a pure small molecule and a mix mode report, only that I can see the difference during the import? Would be so nice from you.

It is always a pleasure to have such support when problems occur. You are all so efficient.
Thank you so much and wish you a nice weekend.

Kind regards