Unable to execute the setup file to install Skyline 23.1

Unable to execute the setup file to install Skyline 23.1 khoil  2024-04-11 11:06

Hello Skyline team,

I am trying to update my skyline from version 22.2.0255 to 23.1. Unfortunately, whenever I try to open the setup.exe file I would consistently get this error message: "Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor." I have tried uninstalling the previous version and also tried running it as an Administrator, but I am still getting this same error. Do you have a solution to this issue?

Thank you

Nick Shulman responded:  2024-04-11 11:20
Usually that sort of error can be fixed by going into "Program and Features" in Control Panel and uninstalling all of the versions of Skyline and Skyline-daily that you might have.
After you have done that, it might also be a good idea to restart your computer.
Make sure that the "setup.exe" that you are running is the most current one that you downloaded from the Skyline install page. Every Skyline version's installer is called "setup.exe" so it's possible that the one you are launching is different from the one on our website.

Sometimes when things are really messed up the only thing you can do is rename the folder "\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0" in your home directory. However, that usually isn't necessary when the error is "Application cannot be started".

If you are unable to get the regular Skyline installer to work you might have more luck with the "Unplugged" installer:

-- Nick
khoil responded:  2024-04-11 14:02
Thank you Nick! Deleting the files in "\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0" did the trick!