Prosit server unavailable

Prosit server unavailable michal zawadzki33223  2024-04-11 04:22


I am having an issue with connecting to Prosit server through Skyline (version - see the attached snip for details. I have used the test-netconnection command in Windows PowerShell as recommended by Brendan in one of the previous posts and it looks like my computer is able to connect to the server using port 8500. Any suggestions on how this could be fixed are appreciated.

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Brendan MacLean responded:  2024-04-15 10:09

Hi Michal,
The server is definitely still on-line and I am able to see the expected green "Server online" indicator after choosing a model in my own instance of

Can you give a bit more detail about the network environment you are trying this in? Is it likely controlled by a relatively security-conscious IT department? Is it possible to try again with the same computer in a less secure environment, e.g. if it is a laptop you can bring home? Is anyone else around you having success? Are you able to try it on other computers at work and at home? Do you see a difference with other computers and other network environments?

Despite your success with PowerShell and port 8500, if you have an IT department, you might want to check that they expect you to be able to connect to the server on port 8500. This is still the most likely source of your problem.

Thanks for posting so much detail and your effort to find an appropriate solution on this support board.


joshua nicklay24724 responded:  2024-04-29 16:42

Hi all,

I'm seeing Server unavailable today even on my home network, which has always worked for me in the past. This is using

Is it just me?


Nick Shulman responded:  2024-04-29 17:44
It does not seem to be working for me either.
-- Nick
Tobi responded:  2024-04-29 23:28
just to drop the info, there have been instances were the Prosit hosts needed to be reminded that a server restart is needed.
of course I do not know what the root of the issue is this time.

Might make sense to automate a check for availability and trigger and automated email to the maintainers of Prosit.

joshua nicklay24724 responded:  2024-04-30 08:49
It still looks to be down. Are you aware of any contacts that we can reach out to check on how long they expect the server to be down?

Tobi responded:  2024-04-30 10:35

esp. Siegfried Gessulat or Wilhelm/Kuster Lab
michal zawadzki33223 responded:  2024-05-03 01:06

I would like to report that the reason why I could not connect to the Prosit server was my employer IT policy where port 8500 was blocked by a firewall. Creation of an exemption rule for some users solved the problem.

I would like to thank Brendan and the team for support in trying to solve this issue.

Kind regards,