Doubts about transition list

Doubts about transition list gabidap  2024-03-27 06:46

Hello, I trying insert a transition list with M+H-H2O as adduct, but i receive the error message " calls for removing more O atoms than are found in the molecule" . What can be wrong in my list?
Many thanks

Brian Pratt responded:  2024-03-27 08:25

Could we have a look at the actual transition list?

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Brian Pratt

gabidap responded:  2024-03-27 08:35

Shure! This is the lines with error

Brian Pratt responded:  2024-03-27 08:47

The problem is that Skyline wants to subtract H2O from the chemical formula for your molecule, but there isn't a formula - the molecule is described only as its mass.

That's a bug - in this case Skyline should just subtract the mass of H20 for the m/z calculation. I will make sure this is corrected in the next Skyline Daily.

Thanks for letting us know!