Keyboard shortcuts for scrolling through targets

Keyboard shortcuts for scrolling through targets matthew murphy  2024-01-05 08:17
I appreciate the keyboard shortcuts that have been provided for many of the functions in Skyline. One I would hope to see is a keyboard shortcut to scroll through the targets after interacting with them (e.g. setting boundaries).

It would be great to have a key combo that will allow you to jump to the next or previous molecule after you have interacted with the chromatograms. You can scroll through the compounds with the "up" and "down" keys, but once you set boundaries in the chromatogram, you have to select the next compound with the mouse.
You can scroll through the separate chromatograms for each sample using the "ctl + up" or "ctl + down", so if for a particular compound you need to set different boundaries for different samples, you can move through them more quickly this way than having to select the tab or use the dropdown menu using the mouse.

Thank you!
Matthew Murphy
Nick Shulman responded:  2024-01-05 10:38
I believe the way we intended this to work is that you use the "Esc" key to put the focus back on the Targets tree, and then you use the down arrow to move to the next peptide or molecule.
Does that help?
-- Nick
matthew murphy responded:  2024-01-05 10:50

Thanks! That actually works great. I am trying to set it up so I can limit switching around from mouse and keyboard and back. Sometimes we have hundreds of targets to work through and this will speed it up greatly!