Small molecules - Individual regression weighting for each analytes?

Small molecules - Individual regression weighting for each analytes? johannes kutzler  2023-10-14 10:54

Hi everyone,
I have just started using Skyline after finishing the fantastic online introductory and small molecules course (2 days each).
Working in the forensic toxicology area dealing with small molecule quantification, I gained experience with SCIEX Analyst and Agilent Masshunter.

So here is my question: Is it possible to assign the regression weighting for the calibration curve for each analyte individually (e.g. amphetamine 1/x, methamphetamine 1/(x*x), ketamine none)? This is a common thing in forensic toxicology and would be crucial for a switch e.g. from SCIEX Analyst to your amazing software.

Thank you for your help in advance

david fuentes responded:  2024-04-03 01:12

I am also looking at this option but have no answer. I would like the option to do regresion fit, normalisation and regresion weighting for each individual molecule. Would be a nice feature to have.

Hoping for an answer or a update soon

sascha responded:  2024-06-05 06:52

I asked about this feature quite some time ago, since it is a crucial option to transfer our quantification methods to skyline.

I was said then, that it is easy to implement, but it feels like it slipped out of sight and will likely never come.

david fuentes responded:  2024-06-05 07:16

Im replying to your message to increse traffic and hopefully get a resolution. I also noticed that it is not possible to enter different conentrations for different molecules in the method. Skyline automatically changes to the last entered set of values and applies that to all molecules