"Apply Peak To All" to all molecules imported in Skyline

"Apply Peak To All" to all molecules imported in Skyline samartinez3  2023-09-05 08:28
Hello, I use Skyline for analysis of small molecules for metabolomics.

I have 100+ small molecules that I import via transition list, each with only one precursor I am integrating for quantification (MS1 peak area). When I inject my samples I use a separate external standard that consists of a neat solution containing all of the molecules being analyzed. When I import the results the external standard is imported along with the "unknown" samples and is used for confirmation of correct retention time integration for each molecule.

Currently I find myself going through the molecule list and using the "Apply Peak to All" function (using the standard result as the peak that is being applied to the rest of the unknown results). I'm wondering if there is a way to globally (across all molecules) apply the peak integration from one result file. Example: Apply the external standard peak integration values for all molecules to all the other results.

Thank you for your help!

samartinez3 responded:  2023-10-02 10:48
Hello, are there any suggestions for this?