Issue with utilizing MSInspector

Issue with utilizing MSInspector edoud  2023-08-25 12:28

As I develop targeted assays to share I would like to implement the CPTAC recommendations for assays using the MSinspector external tool - I've downloaded it but am getting an number of errors. I suspect many of the issues are related to it being coded in python 2.7 which is end of life. (Can't get pip installed, can't get pandas installed etc etc). All errors in the attached file. I've been messing around trying to install things in the cmd line and there are just too many issues getting versions for python 2.7.

Do you have any recs or could you give me the contact info for Yin Lu to see if they are planning on updating this tool at all? Thanks!

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-08-25 13:01

In theory you can post a message on the tool's support board page, and the message will be delivered to the tool authors.
The MSInspector support board page is:

I will also forward this message to Yin Lu.

I get the same error as you do when I try to install the MSInspector tool from the Tool Store in Skyline:

      File "c:\users\nicksh\appdata\local\temp\easy_install-6ruitk\numpy-1.26.0b1\", line 53
        raise RuntimeError(f'Cannot parse version {FULLVERSION}')
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I do not know very much about Python so I do not know what can be done about this error.
-- Nick

edoud responded:  2023-08-30 07:18

Thanks Nick - I am completely clueless with Python and tried my best to get around these errors to no avail. I had hoped the Msinspector tool might save me time/effort on making some figures, but perhaps not. Guess we will see if Yin Lu has any thoughts/suggestions.