Quantification of multiple small molecules

Quantification of multiple small molecules matthew smith  2023-07-19 01:17


Skyline has been a great tool for my lab to generate peak areas normalised to IS or surrogate standard, however I was excited by the ability to generate multiple calibration curves and thus quantification using the 'Concentration Multiplier' as outlined at https://skyline.ms/wiki/home/software/Skyline/page.view?name=tutorial_hi_res_metabolomics.

I am a little confused as to how to complete the workflow, since the Concentration Multiplier only seems visible in peptide mode (not molecules).

Perhaps I should load my transition lists as peptides, however this seems tricky due to the requiements of specific information which does not exist for small molecules.

I am using skyline version

Any information would be appreciated.

Best wishes,

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-07-19 09:18
The "Concentration Multiplier" column is available in all user interface modes.
You can use the binoculars button on the toolbar at the top of the Customize Report dialog to search for any column by name.
-- Nick