Can't find 'file' column in .ssl file

Can't find 'file' column in .ssl file rj8  2023-07-11 14:00

I made a .ssl file, and when I tried to build a blib with it I get an error stating that the 'file' column is missing. I used Settings/PeptideSettings/LibraryTab/BuildButton, then typed blahblah as the Name, clicked next, clicked the Add Files button, and selected the attached .ssl file. A red exclamation mark appears, and if I hover over it I get the error message that I'm missing a required column called 'file'. To my eye, it looks like I have a column called 'file', but maybe my eyesight is poor.

I don't think it matters yet, but I had the thermo.raw file in the same folder as this .ssl file.

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-07-11 14:22
Dr. Johnson,

The columns in a BiblioSpec .ssl file are supposed to be tab-separated.
Your file is using commas.

You should replace all of the commas in your .ssl file with tabs.
-- Nick