missing "Peak Area" option when exporting the report

missing "Peak Area" option when exporting the report yjiang2  2023-07-03 12:05

Currently I have Skyline installed. MRM data was acquired on SCIEX 6500+ and results were imported to Skyline.
However, I just noticed that when I tried to export report, I did not see “Peak Area” option as in the previous versions. I did try by clicking on “Edit list” but did not find it either (screenshot attached).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Brendan MacLean responded:  2023-07-03 13:15

Hi Yulei,
Do you have a screenshot of what you are used to seeing here? It seems like you feel we lost a default report you were using successfully. Or could it have been a custom report that you created and it somehow got lost during the upgrade?

Hopefully, you are aware of how flexible and customizable Skyline reports are and that you can create new reports from scratch anytime. Here is a link to our tutorial on doing that:


They are easy to save and share with your colleagues. I hope to devote a webinar to the flexibility and power of Skyline custom reports in the near future.

Thanks for posting your question to the support board.