Finish button not popping up

Finish button not popping up malikshagufa93  2023-05-21 18:47


I am trying to build the spectral library using a mouse and one the files don't have any issues but it's still not showing the finish button after the files are processed,
I am sending you the screenshot. Please help.

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-05-22 07:10
When you are looking at that dialog with the disabled Finish button, there is a big textbox with a lot of messages in it.
If you click in that textbox you can select all of the text by pressing "Ctrl + A" and then copy the text to the clipboard by pressing "Ctrl + C".

Can you send us all of the text from that textbox? There might be a useful message hidden somewhere within all of the text which will give us some hint as to what went wrong.
-- Nick