Finish Button not popping up

Finish Button not popping up malikshagufa93  2023-05-19


I am new to skyline, I am trying build a spectral library and after all the files are processed i cant see the finish button popping up build a redundant spectral blib file.

Please help.

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-05-19
Could you post a screenshot of what you are looking at?
We might be able to figure out what is going on if we could see the windows on your screen.
-- Nick
malikshagufa93 responded:  2023-05-19
Hi i am attching screenshot, please have a look at it.
Nick Shulman responded:  2023-05-19
I think there might be an error message somewhere inside of that big textbox.
Sometimes the error message is really hard to find, because there ends up being a lot of text after it.

Could you copy all of the text from that big textbox and send paste it into a message here?
We might be able to find the error message in there.
If we cannot find the error message then you might need to send us all of your files so that we can reproduce the problem.
-- Nick
malikshagufa93 responded:  2023-05-19
System.IO.IOException: ERROR: No spectra were found for the new library.

Command-line: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\3RY7Z1WO.07E\QT17R4W2.PB7\skyl..tion_e4141a2a22107248_0016.0002_6388bc76fc4672e2\BlibBuild -s -A -H -o -c 0.95 -i spectral_library_PXD248 -S "C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp1777.tmp" "D:\PXD000248\spectral_library_PXD248.redundant.blib"
Working directory: D:\PXD000248
   위치: pwiz.Common.SystemUtil.ProcessRunner.Run(ProcessStartInfo psi, String stdin, IProgressMonitor progress, IProgressStatus& status, TextWriter writer, ProcessPriorityClass priorityClass) 파일 C:\proj\skyline_22_2\pwiz_tools\Shared\Common\SystemUtil\ProcessRunner.cs:줄 161
   위치: pwiz.BiblioSpec.BlibBuild.BuildLibrary(LibraryBuildAction libraryBuildAction, IProgressMonitor progressMonitor, IProgressStatus& status, String& commandArgs, String& messageLog, String[]& ambiguous) 파일 C:\proj\skyline_22_2\pwiz_tools\Shared\BiblioSpec\BlibBuild.cs:줄 412
   위치: pwiz.Skyline.Model.Lib.BiblioSpecLiteBuilder.BuildLibrary(IProgressMonitor progress) 파일 C:\proj\skyline_22_2\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\Lib\BiblioSpecLiteBuilder.cs:줄 161

Above text is the complete error message.
malikshagufa93 responded:  2023-05-19
Sorry there is no error message that i am getting its same as i have shared the screenshot with you.
Nick Shulman responded:  2023-05-19
When you get the error message "No spectra were found for the new library", the only thing that I know how to do is ask you to send us all of your files so that we can go through the same steps that you did.
You can package all of your files up in a .zip file and upload them here:

You will also need to send us screenshots of all of the pages of the Import Peptide Search wizard so that I can see what settings you have.
-- Nick
Nick Shulman responded:  2023-05-20
Thank you for uploading those .raw, .mzid and .mzid.gz files.
It appears that you were able to successfully search some of your .raw files with MSAmanda.
I am not able to tell whether the .raw files which do not have corresponding .mzid files are ones where the MSAmanda search failed, or whether you did not upload all of the files that you had.

You can now use those .mzid files to build a spectral library.
To do this, use the menu item:
File > Import > Peptide Search
and point Skyline at all of the mzid files.

Then, if you go through all of the steps of the Import Peptide Search wizard you will end up with a decent Skyline document with many peptides and chromatograms.
Let us know if you run into any trouble.
-- Nick