Missing Export Report options

Missing Export Report options sshijo  2023-05-04

Hi Skyline team,
Just updated to this morning and noticed about half of my Export Report options disappeared. They appear as greyed-out in the Manage Reports window, but I can't seem to get them active. Could someone let me know if this is a setting vs. bug?
Thank you!

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-05-04
In the latest update of Skyline-daily, when you are in "Small Molecule" mode, the list of reports that you see when you do "File > Export > Report" will not include the reports that were designed for Proteomics mode.
If you want to have access to all of the reports, you can change to "Mixed" mode by using the menu item:
View > User Interface > Mixed

Note that Skyline has always been filtering out the proteomics reports on the "Reports" dropdown on the Document Grid, but, with this latest Skyline-daily update we finally got around to hiding those reports on the Export Report dialog.

Was there a particular report that is currently hidden that you were hoping to use with your Small Molecule document? Is it a report that you had designed, or is it one of the built-in reports that you get when you install Skyline (e.g. Peak Boundaries, etc.)

When you are customizing a report, you can change which mode the report is using a dropdown in the top right corner of the Customize Report dialog.

If you had been hoping to export one of the built-in reports it might be that we should update Skyline-daily and either create a small molecule version of that report, or change the mode of that report to "Mixed".
-- Nick
sshijo responded:  2023-05-04
Got it, thank you Nick! The report I typically use is the Transition Results report which I believe(?) is one of the built-in reports, and I am usually working in either mixed or small molecule mode. It seems easy enough to edit the report itself though, so I will do that for now.
Thanks again!