Does the Skyline team do consulting?

Does the Skyline team do consulting? litielecruz  2023-04-27

I have many questions about the DIA analysis. Does the Skyline team provide consulting services?
If so, which email contact should I forward a request to?

Thank you!


Mike MacCoss responded:  2023-04-27

Thanks for the email. It would be good to hear more about what you have in mind. We definitely recommend taking one of our courses to start. Lots of important quantitative analysis skills are taught and we have excellent instructors that can answer questions. We have an in person course this July in Seattle.

The MacCoss lab has consulted with various companies and groups about experimental design, controls, system suitability, sample preparation, data acquisition, and analysis strategies in the past. Happy to discuss with you.

Feel free to email me at maccoss(at)