Simultaneously advance tabs in multiple windows

Simultaneously advance tabs in multiple windows philippmaternus  2023-04-27

Dear Skyline team,

Suppose I have 120 replicates, I can use View/Arrange graphs/Groups... to split them across e.g. 6 windows with each 20 tabs. Now I can browse through the replicates by clicking ctrl+up or ctrl+down, but I still need 120 clicks to browse through all replicates. Is there a way to simultaneosly switch to the next tab in all 6 windows? This would allow me to browse through all 120 replicates in just 20 clicks.


P.S. I am using Skyline v21 on Windows 10

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-04-27
I cannot think of any way to do this in Skyline. That does sound like it would be a useful feature to add.

By the way, when you have more than 100 replicates, you might notice that the chromatogram graphs do not stay in the tabs that you have assigned them to. There is more information about that here:

-- Nick
philippmaternus responded:  2023-04-27
Thank you for the info and for pointing me to the other post about documents with > 100 replicates. Looking forward to maybe seeing this feature in a future release.

philippmaternus responded:  2023-04-27
Another feature that may be helpful in this context would be the option to turn off axis labels or any other way to make the plots more minimalistic. This would allow fitting more plots on the screen in tiled view.