Skyline Not Opening

Skyline Not Opening jeifert  2023-04-14 11:10

The program was running normally in the morning and then suddenly refused to open. When I launch the program I do not even get a loading screen, nothing happens at all. I ran task manager simultaneously to see if it was running as a background process or something and I notice that the program would pop up as "Suspended" and then close within around three seconds every time I tried to launch it. Have deleted and redownloaded with the same result. Help much appreciated.

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-04-14 11:33
I don't think anyone has ever reported this sort of behavior in Skyline before.
I would definitely recommend restarting your computer if you have not done so already.

You might have better luck if you use either the unplugged installer:
or the Administrator installer:

-- Nick