New BioReplicate column?

New BioReplicate column? franziska vollmy  2023-03-14 02:36

Hi all,
I'm looking to generate an external calibration curve but the column called $BioReplicate I used in the past to specify the replicates of a given point no longer exists. This means that the replicate data points are simply aggregated and the individual points do not show up on my curve. Which column should I use instead?

I'm using Skyline version

I'm attaching a screenshot of what the document grid looked like in the past.


Nick Shulman responded:  2023-03-14 08:07
The "BioReplicate" column that you sometimes find in Skyline documents is actually a custom annotation.
You can define custom annotations in Skyline by going to:
Settings > Document Settings > Annotations
The Group Comparison tutorial walks you through defining that annotation, and then making use of that annotation when defining a Group Comparison:

Calibration Curves in Skyline never do anything with the BioReplicate annotation. Whatever values you may have set on those replicates never had any impact on the slope and intercept that Skyline calculated for the calibration curves.
-- Nick