lack of weight 1/X calibration curve

lack of weight 1/X calibration curve giuseppe corona  2023-03-13 10:04
Hi, working on molecule side i found a problem using the calibration weight option: when it is selected this latter option no caibration curve can be obtained and appeared the following error message " matrix have to positive define". When the weight option is selected as " none " the calibration curve appared and performed as aspected.
 how may be solved this issue?
thank in advance
Nick Shulman responded:  2023-03-13 10:07
If you are using 1/x as the regression weighting, then you are not allowed to have any external standard whose Analyte Concentration is 0.
You should change the "Sample Type" of that replicate to "Blank" so Skyline will not try to plot it on the calibration curve.
-- Nick