upgrade to skyline daily prevents opening data from Sciex 6500+

upgrade to skyline daily prevents opening data from Sciex 6500+ becker7825199  2023-02-24

Good morning. I updated my skyline daily this morning. Opened my template file, saved as the new data set and then attempted to import data from my Sciex 6500+.
I'm getting an error when importing data that says "the file may be corrupted, missing or the correct libraries may not be installed. [WiffFile::create()] could not load file or assembly 'clearcore2.data.version= Culture=neutral. Public key Token 2a79e0d8fd2e4eca or one of its dependencies. system cannot find the file specified.

I went to a different PC declined the upgrade and opened my template, saved with the new file name and imported the same data no problems. I suspect something is broken with the new version of daily.

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-02-26
Thank you for letting us know.

Yes, I see the same error when I try to use Skyline-daily to read wiff files.
It looks to me that the latest Skyline-daily installer is missing the files "Clearcore2.Data.CommonInterfaces.dll", "Clearcore2.Data.dll", "Sciex.Data.SimpleTyples.dll" and "Clearcore2.RawXYProcessing.dll".

We will try to release a fixed version of the Skyline-daily installer soon.

In the meantime, if you need to rollback to an earlier version of Skyline you can go to Control Panel Programs and Features, do "Uninstall/Change" on "Skyline-daily" and choose "Restore the application to its previous state" and then you will be rolled back to the previous version of Skyline-daily.
-- Nick