Points Across Peak vs Raw Number of Points

Points Across Peak vs Raw Number of Points anton poliakov  2023-02-14 08:10

Hellow World! I am looking at a SureQuant result and I found a parameter called Raw Number of Points, which is the number of ms2 spectrums acquired for a particular target. However, there is a separate parameter called Points Across Peak. When I look into the numbers there are far fewer Points Across a Peak than Raw Number of Points. This brings up a question: exactly what does the parameter Points Across Peak mean?

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-02-14 08:20
"Raw Number of Points" is the total number of points in the extracted chromatogram. Sometimes the extracted chromatogram is the entire length of the run, and sometimes the extracted chromatogram is a shorter time based on the "Retention time filtering" setting at "Settings > Transition Settings > Full Scan"
"Points across the peak" is the number of points in the chromatogram between the currently chosen peak integration boundaries.

The Document Grid allows you to see the data which are used to draw the chromatograms. The columns "Raw Times" and "Raw Intensities" each contain a comma separated list of numbers which you could use if you wanted to plot your own chromatograms in another program such as Microsoft Excel. The column "Raw Number of Points" is the number of values in both the "Raw Times" and "Raw Intensities" columns.
-- Nick