XIC overlay

XIC overlay sstoychev23513  2022-12-16 01:22

Hey guys,

Is it possible to overlay the XIC of two samples/runs in Skyline of have to export the data?


Nick Shulman responded:  2022-12-16 11:50
I am not sure I understand your question.
You can right-click on the chromatogram graph and choose "Copy Data" and then paste that into a program such as Microsoft Excel.
Then, you could make a X-Y scatter plot of the data in Excel.

You can also export the chromatogram data using the Document Grid.
The columns with the chromatogram data are "Proteins > Peptides > Precursors > Transitions > Transition Results > Chromatogram > Raw Data"
If you want to learn more about the Document Grid you should look at the Custom Reports tutorial:

-- Nick
sstoychev23513 responded:  2022-12-16 13:47
Hi Nick,

Thanks, I understand how to export the data but my question is whether I can overlay chromatograms from two or more samples in Skyline?