Error during import DIANN .speclib as library

Error during import DIANN .speclib as library ziyue wang  2022-11-14
I was trying to import the .speclib file generated by DIANN to skyline for building library, however, it failed several times.
My skyline is up to date and I tried .speclib with both .wiff and .wiff2.dia as suffix of File.Name column, both networking.
please find the error and my .speclib file in attachment.
Nick Shulman responded:  2022-11-14
That error is saying that it is unable to write to the folder that you are trying to create the .blib file in.
Do you have write permissions on that folder:
S:\AG\AG-DF-HTMS\AG_Ralser-Share\30-0061_ZiyueWang-Absolute Quantification-PQ500\04_ComputationalProteomics

I would recommend that you copy all of your files over to the C: drive and see if it works then.
-- Nick