Using an earlier version of MSstats

Using an earlier version of MSstats susannah hallal  2022-10-27 19:26


I hope you're well.

Is it possible to install and use an earlier version of MSstats in Skyline? I currently have the most recent version installed, but would like to use an earlier version to compare my data to an analysis I had done a couple of years ago

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Nick Shulman responded:  2022-10-27 19:36

You can download older versions of external tools by clicking on the "View All" link on the tool's page:

After you have downloaded the .zip file for a particular version of the tool, you can add it to Skyline using the menu item:
Tools > External Tools
and then press "Add > From File".

I hope you are able to get the older version of MSstats to install successfully. People seemed to be having trouble getting it to install because some of the packages for R version 3.6 did not seem to be where they were supposed to on the internet anymore. For instance, this person was having trouble with a package called "tibble".
-- Nick

susannah hallal responded:  2022-10-27 21:51

Hi Nick,

Thank you! It has worked for me for MSStats 3.13.7 on R version 4.2.1

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