Q Exactive method export

Q Exactive method export ad6628  2022-10-14 04:54


I was at the training on October 10 and 11 this week.Now I am trying to use a Skyline for the lab's needs. I was wondering if you could, please, give me some directions on a couple of problems. I was able to create a transition list for the peptide we are studying. However I would like to export a method for the Q Exactive mass spectrometer. When I go to file-export-method, I do not see Q Exactive in the list "instrument type". Also, when I tried to export one of them, the program is asking for a template. I would appreciate if you could direct me how the template should be for the Q Ex method and how to find the Q Ex in the drop down list. I tried to export the transition list method from a Fusion mass spectrometer since it is showing in the list of instrument just to practice, but I get an error message that I am attaching to this request.

Thank you very much

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-10-16 03:21
There may be some useful information about how to create a method template file using XCalibur method editor here:
-- Nick