Analysis of uncharacterized peptide-modifications

Analysis of uncharacterized peptide-modifications laura boffel  2022-10-07
Dear Skyline team,

I am currently investigating drug-protein adduct formation of reactive chemicals at Cys34 of human serum albumin. More specifically, I am investigating whether a specific drug becomes reactive after in vitro metabolization and whether this reactive metabolite is captured by the thiol group of Cys34 and consequently, a covalent bond is formed between the reactive metabolite and amino acid.

So my question is if I can use Skyline to detect such protein/peptide modifications, by comparing IDA data obtained from a blank sample and a sample incubated with the drug, to be able to detect differences in the fragmentation pattern of the peptide? Since I don't know the chemical composition of the reactive metabolite on beforehand, an untargeted modification approach should be used.

Thank you in advance!

Kindest regards,