Feature request: Maximum pressure value for reports

Feature request: Maximum pressure value for reports cashwood27088  2022-10-06

Dear Skyline team,

I hope you're doing well. I'm loving the new Skyline-daily update featuring the pressure traces, but currently the chromatogram visual alone makes automatic QC difficult. Could you please add a parameter in the report section that provides the maximum height observed in the pressure trace? I imagine it would be similar to the "Total Ion Current Area" parameter except only returning the maximum pressure. It would also need to ignore the automatic peak picking of the pressure trace since the maximum height would be the maximum y-axis value for the entire retention time range.

I've attached a mock-up of what I think it should look like.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2022-10-06

Unsure if you are suggesting the number should be in the chromatogram graph the way you have shown, but maybe a horizontal line on the graph would be enough to make it more easily readable in the graphs. Also, note that you can use Synchronize Zooming with these chromatogram graphs to put them all on the same scale as with other chromatogram graphs.

On Panorama AutoQC, it is possible to add "trace" metrics for:

  1. "when time is greater than or equal to" a number of minutes into the run. (expecting pressure should go up and then stabilize)
  2. "time when the trace first reaches a value greater than or equal to" a value. (expecting fairly quick ramp up to initial pressure)

These were added as helpful system suitability metrics for pressure traces based on discussions with our "Panorama Partners". Unfortunately, they each require an extra parameter to report on. So, your value has the benefit of being stand-alone. Maybe it should also be added to the AutoQC tracking options.

And maybe we should give more thought to what would be best to report for pressure directly from Skyline before adding this one value.

cashwood27088 responded:  2022-10-06

Hi Brendan,

The text on the chromatogram was my way of indicating the maximum value observed per run, I wouldn't want it displayed. I think having the maximum value only in the report is the most useful to me for my specific application since it could be extracted quickly without needing a visual inspection of each file. This is particularly useful if you have 100+ runs to check, or AutoQC, where you don't check the chromatograms individually. Just thought the automated peak picking in Skyline doesn't seem informative for something like a pressure trace.

Yes, I forgot to adjust the y axis to synchronize the scale.

Those trace metrics are interesting. I'm hoping more people will use the feature and have additional feedback to help inform what a good number of users would like to see. It's certainly a great feature to have now, thanks!