Dotp not show up for all molecules in Skyline team

Dotp not show up for all molecules in Skyline team ychiu2  2022-09-08

Hello Skyline team,
Thanks for making this awesome software. This has help me a lot!
I have a question about the spectral library and dotp value (in small molecule mode). I have 4 different targets in one spectral library and then I import this library into my skyline document. The spectral librayr was made using the same skyline document but importing the high concentration standard and then export to "spectral library" and then load it back into the skyline document for data analysis. However, dotp only shows up in one of my target. I would like to see dotp show up for all 4 targets. I am not sure how to address the question better, but hopefully with the attached Skyline zip this can let you understand my question and help me.

Thank you

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-09-08
Skyline requires at least three MS2 transitions in order to calculate a library dot product.
In theory, two transitions would be enough to calculate a dot product, but Skyline always requires at least three transitions.
-- Nick