Retention Times: Bars from 0 time?

Retention Times: Bars from 0 time? alejandro.cohen  2022-08-19

I'm working with the latest Skyline daily on a Targetted PRM on a Fusion Lumos. The Retention Times - Replicate Comparison pane is showing a single data point in the graph instead of the usual start-end time bar information. The Retention Time Peptide Comparison pane (see images attached) shows bars starting form 0 time. This is not as easy to visualize as the start-end of integration boundaries which allows a quick validation of integration process. Was this changed for any reason??

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-08-19
I think you just need to right-click on the Retention Times Peptide Comparison graph and choose "Value > All".
Then things will look like the whisker plot indicating start, end, apex, and full width half max retention times that you are used to, and the Y axis will not necessarily include zero.

I think you had right-clicked on the graph and chosen "Value > Retention Time", which is causing the graph to display as an ordinary bar graph.

I believe this behavior has always been this way.
-- Nick