Added capabilities for import/export of notes?

Added capabilities for import/export of notes? apickard  2022-04-13

Hi all,

Thank you again for all of the work that you're doing on this. We have started using skyline to help annotate our LC-MS methods (we're a large metabolomics core facility), and have found that adding molecule list, molecule, precursor, and transition notes and colors are extremely helpful. I'm not sure if I'm missing this, but it would be very useful if we were able to export the note color with the note so that when we get a very large (~300 compound) data table out of skyline, we could sort by note color to know what is good to go and what we need to double-check or exclude. For now, we are working around this by writing the note color at the beginning of the note, so that it exports in the notes field.

We were also wondering if it is possible to have added import functionality for notes. Right now it seems the only field we can import is "Note", which goes to the transition note, pretty far down in the tree, but we are doing a lot of high-res work, so we are typically using notes on molecules and precursors. Right now I just use the document grid to copy these notes over to those other fields so that we can see the notes easier on the UI, but sometimes we will have different notes for molecules and precursors it would be helpful to import the notes into separate fields. This again would be something great if we could also import note colors as well, but right now we go through the list anyway to check everything.

We plan on using these skyline documents for other projects, so these notes are important to alert us of things to lookout for with certain molecules in many more projects down the road.

Thanks again,

Brian Pratt responded:  2022-04-13

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for the suggestions! I already have an item in the development queue about expanding our import capability to handle more kinds of inputs ( I'm not sure that the current thinking involved note colors, but I'll make a note of that.

Best regards,

Brian Pratt

apickard responded:  2022-04-13

Thanks Brian, we appreciate all of the help from you and the team!