Error during File open

Error during File open dawn dufield  2022-03-28

We have recently seen a bunch of errors while trying to open a saved skyline file. This just started last week. Not sure what is the cause. We create and import data from Sciex and then we can't open it again..

See attached screen shot for error

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-03-28
You should delete the file whose name ends in ".sky.view" that is in the same folder as your Skyline document.

The .sky.view file tells Skyline the layout of the graphs and other windows. Sometimes, invalid stuff gets written to that file, and the best thing to do is just delete the .sky.view file.

We have looked into a few of the things that might cause the .sky.view to have problems, and it usually seems that there is some other bug which causes it.

If, after you delete .sky.view file, this problem starts happening again, it might be worth us looking into what the root cause is.
-- Nick