Prosit mirror dotp broken

Prosit mirror dotp broken Tobi  2022-03-25

Dear skyline team,

the library match with a direct prosit mirror is a great feature,
it just sadly takes all peaks on both sides and matches them blindly against each other,
incl. precurors and fragments which simply do not exist in the opposite spectrum leading to false dotp.

I cant even disable the dotp so for slides etc. you always would need to cover or hide it somehow.
The option not to display the dotp would be nice, or have it calculated after excluding peaks which are null on at least one side of the mirror.

Already pictured in Issue 831

Best wishes,

Brendan MacLean responded:  2022-03-31

Hi Tobi,
Thanks. Sorry, this is moving slowly. I increased the priority. Hopefully, we will get to it soon.


Tobi responded:  2022-03-31

Hi Brendan,

all good, just wanted to let you know on the side I like the ability to change plots
like hide/show every possible element as it it on many occasions already implemented.